Why Solar?

Incentives and Rebates

There are several grants available to help pay for your new solar system. These grants must be applied for and we will assist you in the application process. We will guide you through it from start to finish. Keep in mind that some grants and rebates are not guaranteed, but must be approved prior to receiving funds. We will let you know what your overall prospects are in receiving funds. Here are some of the incentives and rebates available.

Environmental Impact

Solar is a zero-emission technology. Which is good for the environment. Each non-renewable electric power plant type has its impact on us all. Some of the negative consequences of traditional plants are carbon emissions, mercury in the soil, acid rain, nuclear waste, and unsightly plants. You can feel good about your decision to choose solar power for your residence or business. It is a part of creating a better world for generations to come.


Financing is available for the initial cost of installation.

The cost of financing typically works out to a substantially lower rate than your initial payment. We have several sources available for financing. We will help you get the financing you need in order to make solar a reality for you.



Rebates up to .25$ per watt up to a 150 kW system. There are application and installation deadlines that must be met.
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Federal Tax Deductions

Receive up to 30% tax credit based on the gross cost. This tax deduction is open to all and deadlines must be met.

USDA Grant

Receive up to 25% of the price of installation. It is open to businesses in rural areas and is subject to approval after application.
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Solar Benefits
Adds Value to your home or building.
It sends a positive message to your friends, neighbors, and customers.
Locks in your electrical price so it will not inflate as is the current trend.
It reduces your utility costs.
It is great for the environment.
Paid for partially by rebates and incentives, not true of traditional electrical sources.

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