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We pride ourselves on our analysis, so they are done by our founder Randy Stickney. The analysis will evaluate how much power you use, how big of a solar array will be optimal for you, and your eligibility for rebates, tax incentives, and grants. This will bring you to a bottom line figure for how much you will save. We can help you find financing and payment options.

It is very important that this is done with great accuracy, as the “sweet spot” for the right amount of solar panels varies over the seasons, both in consumption and solar power. We want to put together a system that is not too expensive or too under-powered. We take into account the options of mounting and many other factors you might not have thought of.

A good analysis is like a good foundation for your building. Getting it done by a trusted, experienced solar expert is imperative. Other firms often leave this to minimally trained salespeople who merely want the business rather than really care about the long term outcomes post-sale. At Life Solar, we don’t want to install and service your solar power system, so we are in this for the lifetime of your system.

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